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Sussex House

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Tel: 0044 (0)20 7624 4624

Mobile: 0044 (0)7808 162 461


Email: [email protected]


ESI-IDC is an International Design Consultancy established by Ms. Esi Çakmakçioglu.


The consultancy, largely based on Esi’s ecperiences, has an extensive portfolio of projects in architecture, urban design and environmental impact assessment projects world-wide, working both with private and public clients. Her projects varied from stone masonry houses to the design and implementation of tensile structures.


We have a passion for seeking the inherent unique qualities of places and building as well as being responsibe to the environment. Our vision is to be creative while budget conscious and involve both our clients and the endusers in development of projects.




A qualified architect and urban designer with extensive achievements in architecture, urban design and environmental impact assessment projects world-wide, excellent ability to identify the unique character of ‘places’ and strong design skills resulting in award winning projects, experienced at all stages of projects from design to execution, team leader and motivator, highly experienced in the co-ordination and management of design teams, international multi-disciplined consultants and contractors




UK experience in environmental quality and sustainability policies and technologies for regeneration and new town.


UK and international work experience in a variety of architectural and urban design projects, from individual buildings including offices, residences, health care centres and a railway station to housing, mixed-use commercial and tourism development schemes, regeneration of city centres and new town master planning.


Team Leader from concept design to production information including tender documentation.


Environmental Impact Assessment (visual and landscape) studies from power stations to housing developments to evaluate and develop design guidelines for architectural, urban design and landscaping aspects


CAD design team management and co-ordination, and hands-on experience on DTP and Adobe Photoshop programmes


Design and implementation of tensile structures.


Interior design in several contexts and countries including artisan work in high-tech Buildings.


Five awards received in nine competitions entered.


Aerial View of Tent (04410002)

Personal Data

Professional affiliations: Former member of Hong Kong Institute of Environmental Impact Assessment, Former member of Urban Design Group, UK and Chamber of Architects of Turkey, Istanbul


Academic Qualifications

Master of Arts in Urban Design, Joint Centre for Urban Design, Brookes University, Oxford, UK.  Diploma in Architecture, Academy of Architecture and Engineering, Ankara, Turkey




Published Projects

Red Sea Residence, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia; published in Building Design (UK)

20/1/1989,  Mimar 39 (UK) 6.1991, Mimarlik (TR) 3.1989, Cumhuriyet (TR) 25/12/1988,

Arrademento/ Decorasyon (TR) 4/1989


Award winning St. Albans City Centre Competition, UK; published in

Building (UK).  12/9/1980, the Architectural Journal (UK) 6/8/1980, the Architects Journal

(UK) 10/9/1980

Specialist Lectures & Studies

Visiting Lecturer at the Joint Centre for Urban Design, Oxford Brookes University


Visiting Lecturer and Studio Tutor at the Kent Institute for Art and Design, Canterbury


An empirical study ‘A Tale of Two Cities- A study of subjective images of local

Environments’, an MA Thesis for Urban Design


REDSEA RESIDENCE- Erection of the tensile structures